UHS Blanket Project

 I took photos for the Standard-Examiner of this event, and thought the kids at Uintah High might like to see them!

These kids made blankets for ALL of the Sandy Hook Elementary kids. The story is so incredible, and I know I won't do it justice, but I'll try to give you an idea, and hopefully some of the UHS students will chime in with their thoughts and details about the project.

These kids had been "chucking their change" for various charities throughout December. The more they donated, the more time they got away from class for a "free day". Guess what they spent their "free day" on? Making blankets for the students of Sandy Hook Elementary. It was so amazing to see all these kids working together, caring about some sweet little kids who live so far away.

There came a time that their free time was almost gone, and they weren't even close to done. These kids dug deep into their pockets to buy more free time, just so they could work on the blankets even longer. It was inspiring. I loved being part of it!!

I'm sure these blankets provided comfort to those kids on their first day back to class, and I'm also sure that the students at Uintah High came away from this project better people... I know I did.


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