Using Dropbox

 Dropbox is an awesome way to get your photos, and to have backup online storage of your session. Here's a quick "how-to" so you know how Dropbox will work!

You will receive an email from Dropbox that tells you that I want to share a folder with you. Just click on the blue "View Folder" button, and you're off!

You will come to a screen that requires you to join Dropbox. It's free, it's safe, and it's easy. Just type in your information, and create your account.

Once you're in Dropbox, you can click on the folder that was shared with you.
You will be able to see all the photos on this screen. You can see them larger by clicking on one of them, and then pushing the arrows right or left to go forward or back a photo. Sometimes they won't all be there yet... the files are big, and sometimes take awhile to upload. Be patient. :)

You can Download the files to your computer by selecting as many of the photos as you want and clicking "Download"... OR install Dropbox...

You will receive an email inviting you to install Dropbox. You don't have to, but it makes things a lot easier! When Dropbox is on your computer, you will have a Dropbox folder on your computer with all of your shared folders inside of it. They work like any other photo folder on your computer.

All of the photos will be in there, just like they are in the folder on my computer.

I'd be happy to help you learn the ins and outs of Dropbox! Hopefully this helps you get started, and well on your way to enjoying all of your photos! 


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