Valentine's Minis!!

Valentine's Minis are Here!!

Here's the scoop:

5 edited images + print release delivered via dropbox (add $10 if you'd like a disc)

These sessions will be at 

The Little Sweet Pea!!

I am so excited about the sweetness and beautiful light that will surround us there! 
If you haven't been to their new shop, you're in for a treat. :)

I will be shooting on
Tuesday, January 29th
Book your session soon! Mini sessions always fill up fast! 
You can comment here, email me, facebook me, text me, call me, or knock on my door. ;) 
First come, first serve.

10:30 Maddie
10:40 Maddie
10:50 Kiara 
11:00 Nicole
11:10 Kristen
11:20 Kristen
11:30 Sarah
11:40 Kristin
11:50 Kristin
12:00 Kenzie
12:10 Shanae
12:20 Carrie

3:00 Ary
3:10 Karlyn
3:20 Marcie
3:30 Lynnzie
3:40 Hilary
3:50 Sha
4:00 Cassie
4:10 Cassie
4:20 Jen 

Photos will be finished and edited by February 5th, so you will be able to get them printed and sent off to all your loved ones. :) 
If you'd like, I can design and print cards for you for an additional $40 for 25 gorgeous, high-quality, double-sided cards.

More than one child is allowed per session, but the edited images will be split between them. 
If you want 5 of each child, please book more than one session. :)


  1. But I need all three done. Just one pic of each and one together. Should I sched the first two earlier in the day and then bring Kenna back at 4:10?

  2. I want a spot do you have any spots still open I need it for all three of my kids again. Please.

    1. If 3:10 is still avail I will take it!