Everything Always Works Out

We had this "first look" session scheduled a week earlier than this, and I woke up to everything covered in the wettest, slushiest snow you've ever seen. It was just plopping from the trees, and I knew we could never bring a beautiful wedding dress out in it. So, I mourned the loss of my "weather luck", and called Tiffany. She agreed with me, and we scheduled for the next week, hoping for better weather, and not too much mud or muck. Well, Saturday morning came, perfect. Gorgeous light, beautiful weather... exquisite bride and dress, fun-loving couple... and everything worked out for the best. :) Doesn't it always?

Steve cracked me up... he reacted perfectly when he saw Tiffany in her dress for the first time, but he gave us a "really good reaction", just in case. Gotta love it. :)



  1. Mindy, that guy cracked me up! That was a GREAT reaction 'just in case'! :)
    Great job!

  2. I can tell from the photos what a great match they are for each other. Awesome expressions!