The Session I Almost Cried

So, I mentioned a little bit on facebook about something that happened during this session... about me freaking out a little bit and almost crying...

 Let's start with the good stuff... this family was awesome!! They were friendly, photogenic, sweet, loving with each other, and they did everything I said without question.

It was a really cold, and bright and early in the morning... and the kids were SO well behaved! I was totally impressed.
We got all of the big extended family stuff done, and started on the separate family shots.

Everything was going great... everyone was cute, cooperative... perfect! The morning light was soft and beautiful... I could have almost burst into song. Then, just as I finished up with the last family...

...I'm walking back up the hill, and this guy in the photos below says, "Don't step on that mouse".  Now, you have to understand a couple of things... first of all, I was wearing flip flops. With bare feet. Also, I hate mice. Hate them. Hate them with a passion. Like, if there's one running around our house, I'm the one standing on a chair crying.

I immediately froze, and with a shaky voice, said... "where"?? The answer... "Under your foot". So, I look down, and sure enough, there's a dead little mouse right there. I can't remember exactly what I did at that point, but I think it involved a little bit of screaming, panicking, almost crying... and I do know whatever I did was embarrassing.

I went straight home, scrubbed my feet and flip flops, and vowed to watch where I step every session from now on.  


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  1. Oh my gosh Mindy! You poor thing. You are so cute!! Beautiful photos! I love the ones of all the little kids together.