Windy Wedding

 It was SO bitterly cold the day Karissa and Dallin got married, but I'm pretty sure their love kept them warm. :) They had some fun ideas for photos, and everyone looked SO beautiful (and handsome ;). I had a blast with this session! (And it only took me a few hours to get the feeling back in my hands...)

Dallin could not get enough of his beautiful bride. He was constantly looking at her, kissing her, touching her face... it was so sweet.  Blogger mixed the photos all up, but I'm tired of fighting it, so you just get a mixed up version of their day. :) Karissa and Dallin chose to do the couple pics after the temple, and the group pics. I love when we get a chance to take photos of the couple right after they get married... I know they'll treasure these photos of the two of them forever. :)


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