Back to School MINIS

Okay, who thinks the summer has flown by way too fast?? I'm sorry to speed things up by talking about BACK TO SCHOOL minis, but the first day of school is approaching fast, and I thought I better start accepting reality... summer isn't going to stay, no matter how much I try to hang on to it. ;)

So, the details...

Back to School Minis this year are going to be ONLY individual pics. No groups or family photos this time, sorry. They are going to be the school pics of your kids that you always wish you had, instead of the assembly line ones that you get at the school. ;) (You can bring pre-school age kids also... they don't have to be in school yet. You may divide a session between kids, but the photos need to be individual photos of each kid.)

6 edited images + print release via Dropbox
 (add $15 for a CD instead of dropbox) 

You can book 2 sessions in a row if you'd like 12 images for $120.

Sessions are booked on a first come, first serve basis...and you MUST EMAIL to get your spot.
 It gets a little crazy, and the spots fill up FAST, so I'm making it a little easier on myself by keeping all of the requests in one spot. I will be able to tell which ones came in first easier that way. I will reply to your email as fast as I can... please don't worry if you don't hear back right away... I promise I will respond to the first ones that come in first.

Also, once we agree on one of the time spots, you must pay for your session IN FULL within 4 days to keep your spot. (Please do not pay before we've agreed on a time!) If you haven't paid (or made arrangements) by then, I will give your spot to someone else. You may pay through PayPal, or bring the money to me (cash, check, or card), or if you let me know that it is in the mail (and you're not lying ;) I will accept that.

The days for minis are:

Thursday, August 14
5:30 pm -8:00 pm

Friday, August 15
7:30 am-10:00 am

The sessions will be in 10 minute increments. Let me know approximately what time you'd like, and I will let you know what I have available around that time. The sessions will all be at my little "farm".


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