UHS SWIM TEAM! Swim Pics are READY! You can order through February 6. Let me know if you have any questions!

Click on this link to order prints and digital files. Let me know if you have any questions, or if anything isn't working right!
I'm sorry about shipping costs...but it makes it a lot easier for everyone to just order what they want. You can get with others on the swim team and order together if you want to share shipping costs. 📷
I've created COUPONS for my favorite yoga students!!

**DIGITAL Christmas Special**
Get 1 FREE digital download for every 2 digital downloads you purchase
Code: YOGA342
**PRINTS Christmas Special**
Get 10% off of any print order of 20.00 or more

📷PLEASE DO NOT SHARE DIGITAL FILES WHEN YOU PURCHASE THEM. They are for your OWN use only. Do not make prints for others on the swim team from digital files you purchase. You can only make prints for yourself (it's okay to make a print for grandma too...).

Deadline to order will February 6! I have to pay for the website per month, so I try not to let them hang in there too long.

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