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  1. Hi Melinda :-)

    I was really bored at work one day and I googled my name (Melinda Smith) Yes, we share the same name.:-)

    Your talent is amazing!!!!

    At some point, early next year, I would like to purchase "Weathered Heart" - How beautiful! As a print.

    I live in Australia - Would you be able to work out the conversion rate for me please and any postage and handling costs, and would you please email me at an_aussie_cowgirl@hotmail.com .

    Please know there is no rush for this and I am happy to hear from you after Christmas and New Year.

    I wish you and your family a beautiful holiday season :-)


    Melinda ( Mindy) Smith - Australia

  2. vos photos sont vraiment très belles. Olivier - Paris France

  3. Hello Melinda, I like to read your articles on DPS. Your work is great. Thanks for sharing your expertise. You can look my work at www.chiragranaclicks.com and Facebook page www.facebook.com/chiragranaclicks

  4. Hi, I just read your article through DPS and there were some beautiful pics of a family with a newborn. I'm wondering if you use a particular filter to get the really soft look that they have. I haven't really used filters a lot, but I've explored some of the ones in Lightroom and none of them seem to have that softening effect. If you get it some other way, could you share how? Thanks

    1. Hi Jennifer! For my indoor newborn sessions, the key to the soft look is florabella's "hazy haze" action... I've had it forever, so I don't know if it's still available, but she makes beautiful actions. Good luck!